Valentines Day (Tips)

For Her:

  • What’s your opinion on a guy asking you out or revealing his interest in you on Valentines day? Cheesy or not? – Cheesy as hell, but it’s pretty adorable. By: Skeleton
  • Try out /r/GiftsForHer. By: elizabith
  • What do I get my gf if I have a rather low budget? – Make her something. Are you in school? Get her a balloon. A lot of girls at my old school would carry their v-day presents as trophies. By: RingoTheCraftySquidd
  • A playlist of her favorite songs – it’s personal and affordable!
  • Make  personalized card  saying what is special about her or you two being together
  • Give her a gift one that shows you really pay attention to what she cares about
  • A relaxed evening together – just enjoying each other’s company
  • Special evening of just you two, one not compared with any other

For Him:

  • A compliment from a girl.
  • Flowers. Seriously.
  • Gamer? DLC bundle, MS points, pre-order paid in full, new gaming headset, membership re-newal or gaming accessories for his console/pc. PC gamers: Steam gift or Newegg Gift Card for upgrades. And for digital items you can place the codes inside of the Valentine’s day card.
  • Looking for something you can do together: Head out to an arcade, or a place like Dave & Buster’s, or play a coop game at home together like Borderlands 2 or the Super Mario Bros Wii game. If you aren’t a gamer, look for casual games you can play. I play kinect sports games and Family Game Night games with my wife, and we have a great time.
  • Music? Ticket to a concert for one of his favorite artists, iTunes gift card, new head phones, or memorabilia (doesn’t have to be genuine, a lot of guys like putting stuff on display) Hipster? Get him that vinyl record.
  • Musician? Accessories for their instruments are always welcome (e.g., strings, straps, stands, oil/cork grease, polishing cloths, cables, etc.), a new instrument and/or case, if they’ve been talking about starting a new instrument, get classes to go along with them. Gift certificate/card to favorite music place. If they like to make/record music: Microphones, Midi controllers, Recording Software are all good ideas, but, I wouldn’t recommend buying these unless you are knowledgeable about the products and have intimate knowledge as to what he uses and what he likes. A gift card would be the best option here
  • For something you can do together: Take a music lesson together for something you both don’t know how to play. Drums/percussion are always a good choice since making loud sounds is always fun. Or, look around for small recording studios with economic prices and head out for a recording session. Don’t play an instrument? Sing. Don’t sing? Doesn’t matter, sing anyway. You’ll have fun, and take home a recording for great memories.
  • Movie-Lover? Get him a Blu-Ray edition of his favorite movie. I used to think this was a waste of cash, but the extra content is well worth the price, along with the HD quality. Of course not all Blu-Rays are created equal so look online for reviews for said content and HD quality. Or buy him his favorite trilogy if he doesn’t have it. I loved the Lord of the Ring movies, my wife got me the trilogy set, and I loved it. Or just keep it simple and go to the movies.
  • For something you can do together: Movie night at home. Borrow or rent a projector and set it up in your living room/bedroom, or any space with at least 7 feet of distance, and connect it to a laptop w/ extra speakers (laptop speakers suck). If you don’t have a lot of room, look for a short throw projector, they’re designed to work in small spaces.
  • A card written from the heart is always welcome.
  • Do something the two of you have never done before. Can be tame or wild depending on your personalities. By: That_GNU_Guy
  • Have a quality-time night with your girlfriend. Perhaps you are both stressed out with all your honors classes, sports practices and volunteer work. A romantic night will be just the ticket to reconnect. If you want to go out, make reservations ahead of time at a restaurant in a price range above the usual high school hangouts.

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