Date Ideas


  • Live music, local or not. Search craigslist the day of for concert tickets if you want dirt cheap ones or go directly to the show
  • Museums/Zoo/Aquarium/Conservatory/Bota… Gardens
  • Bowling
  • Movie at home (cooking and the movie)
  • Try a cooking lesson together
  • School Functions
  • Star Gazing
  • Beach Date
  • Build a 1,000 peice puzzle
  • Keep an eye out for local festivals. Local papers (esp. around universities) have listings all the time
  • Putt-putt golf
  • Go to an Ikea store (if there’s one in your area. They’re pretty fun to rumage the meatballs are a gift from the heavens)
  • Don’t just see a movie, but see a movie and then talk about it. Discuss your favorite part, your most hated part, something weird you noticed but did not understand, question the protagonist’s motivations, talk about it until you’re yelling at each other, arguing. Then laugh at it. Just laugh.
  • Go bowling. Bowling is the all-time worst one-on-one date ever, because one person is always bowling while the other waits. Go in, fully confident of that knowledge, and see what you can do to make it a better experience.
  • You can go to watch stars or a planet passing by through a university telescope with a group of people, I’m sure you can find info on when these ‘gatherings’ take place. There’s a website for it where I live. It’s romantic and not something you’ll easily forget. And you can make cheesy compliments like “it’s written in the stars you are the one, it’s literally right there.”
  • Try learning something new together. You can take a course like a cooking class or a dancing class. Or just teach something yourself. I taught my girlfriend how to skate. You can be supportive, show off your own skills, motivate her and compliment her when she’s doing fine or console her when she’s failing, it’s a great way to prove yourself a worthy boyfriend.
  • You can go to an outdoors cinema on rooftops or the ones where you park you car in a big field. DOK Gent does this every summer for local redditors.
  • You can go on a bike ride and take a picnic. You can make some cold pasta’s and chicken legs and a bottle of whine. (Olivier Salad)[] is really good for picnics.
  • You can go ice skating in one of those indoor parks. Near Gent, Kristallijn. And enjoy a hot coco afterwards when making fun of the fat guy who kept falling or the cute kid that just slowly walked in stead of skated.
  • You can go to a local market for food or old stuff, or in the winter those Christmas themed markets with all kinds of good food and gluhwein.

Verdict on ‘Teen Romance’


Teenage relationships are actually a pretty good time to learn how to date. Most of the time it takes practice and some bad relationships before you are at a point where you can have a more successful one. Teenage relationships tend to be more dramatic, more selfish, and more obsessive. If you let yourself learn about relationships with some firsthand experience you can work on the things that weren’t working in the past. It’s important to let yourself take some of the blame though for failed relationships and work out where you went wrong or you won’t improve.

It can also help you you reach a point where you’re more comfortable with the physical aspects of relationship. They can also be fun.

By: thiskillsthecrab

First Date Tips


Before the date; take a shit (unwanted shits are never good. Trust me), shower, dress up in clean clothes (not too flashy, that would be weird) and make sure you don’t overload on the aftershave. Remember, you’re not going on a date, you’re just going to the movies with a friend. Take it easy, don’t be nervous (easier said than done, I know, but just don’t get too over-excited or too nervous – your character will change accordingly and could put her off). Relax man!

During the date; try to create a bubble that only you and your girl are in. If you keep this in mind, it’ll be easier to talk with the girl because you can truly get to know her and not be distracted by stupidities happening around you. Try to get some good eye contact in. Considering this is your first time (and you’re going to the movies, so like 2-3 hours of your date doesn’t require any effort anyway) don’t go overboard. Don’t be afraid of talking to her like a filtered style of talking to your friends. If you play it safe all the time, she’s not going to know what your true personality is like and you might not live up the character that made her say yes in the first place.

After the date; don’t dwell on the date when driving/walking her home (“So that went well right?”). Talk about the film by all means, but remember, you are not on a date, you’re just with a friend. So you take her home, walk her to her door and you’re finished! Even if you haven’t held her hand throughout the date (pretty normal, it won’t affect what I’m about to tell you), tell her to close her eyes because you have one last surprise. Then kiss her. Open your eyes. Smile. Date over. Get planning for the second date.

I used to be super awkward when dealing with girls, so this is a quickly worded technique of dating that I’ve kind of developed through many, many terrible dates. Generally works, and the “close your eyes” thing for the kiss was more for my benefit than hers. I was always too awkward and nervous to just grab her when she wasn’t expecting it and pull in for a kiss. The “eyes closed” thing gives her an idea of what’s to come next and even if it doesn’t, how she reacts gives you an indication of if there will be a second date.


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