Reciprocation of feelings

Seriously, just talk to him/her, or even just talk to his/her friends So just personally ask them instead of beating around the bush.

How to Ask a Girl Out:

  • First off, make sure you are somewhat friends with the girl.
  • But, if you don’t talk to said girl, I know it can be hard to start. My best advice on starting a conversation is by commenting on something she’s doing.
  • Ok, so now that you and her are on speaking grounds, it’s time for you to get her interested. If you don’t know how to dress, check out r/malefashionadvice
  • Yep, now it’s time to ask her out. Dun dun dun…. Confidence is key, but, so is respect. Even if you don’t have confidence, fake it. Visualizing yourself asking her out can help a lot.
  • If she says yes? Great. Exchange phone numbers and set a time and date. If she says no? Better luck next time. Rejection sucks. But by being afraid of it you miss out on so many great opportunities. -by ellenstraub

How to Flirt With a Guy :

  • Smiling
  • Breaking the touch barrier (when joking or teasing, you can give a light push or something)
  • Using open body language, like being turned toward the person, not arms crossed or turned away.
  • For some reason, men react more to a woman who is looking up at them, chin down (Just a bit, not exaggerated) -by PriscillaPresley
  • Smile and if you want a relationship/sex just fucking say it.I personally hate flirts. If you want something just tell him. -by Meowkit
  • Not sure what to wear? The gals at r/femalefashionadvice should be able to help you out with apparel choice! -By Never-Told-A-Lie

How to Kiss a Girl

Depends if you’re a guy or a girl (though it shouldn’t). If you’re a guy, you’re expected to initiate it, if you’re a girl, don’t be afraid to grow some lady-balls and start it. Don’t overthink it. It’ll almost always be awkward if you do. Let it kinda happen naturally, like a break in conversation. This is lame, but if you want to practice, use your thumb and index finger. My first kiss was in 7th grade, and it was awful, haha. We were kinda pressured to do it, and he pinned me (not in a rape-y way) to the wall and pecked at me. It was so awful and awkward and pretty much summed up my entire middle school experience. But….. Good luck! I’m sure it’ll be fine! -by JRabbit24

“Don’t tell ____ you like them, show ____ you like them.” -by goldfish188”

Relationship Dos & Don’ts 

  • DON’T Abandon your friends when you enter into a relationship. A relationship should add something to your life, not take something away
  • If you want your relationship to work out, you DON’T  need to lower your expectations, but you DO need to change them. Don’t expect an idealized media relationship, and take the changes for what they are.
  • DON’T Complain about your ex.
  • DON’T Expect and demand their attention/company ALL OF THE TIME. It’s normal to fall fast during your first relationship, especially since you tend to start out spending all your free time together, but eventually that does stop because, as with our friends, some people need their space or they simply can no longer afford.
  • DO  realize that you still have to try when you’re in a relationship. A lot of people seem to get a kind of “romantic comedy syndrome”, where they prioritize finding the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, and expect the story to be over as soon as the relationship begins.
  • DO communicate. Is your SO doing something that bugs you? Sit down and talk it out! Be reasonable in your expectations, and expect the same in return. Both of you will disagree on some things.
  • DO Put yourself in their shoes. Would you appreciate your SO flirting with a hottie at lunch? probably not. Then don’t do it.
  • DON’T Be jealous of your SO’s past relationships. Seriously, grow up. It’s over for a reason.
  • DON’T Give too much too soon. If you spend a ton of money/time/effort on someone you barely know, you’re setting yourself up to be used. Wait until the person earns that kind of effort from you before you give them your best up front.
  • Passwords and pins are for your eyes only. DON’T share them. Even if you are “IN LOVE”


  • Easy effective way of asking a girl to prom? Just Do this: “Hey _____, Wanna go to prom?”
  • Do: A cute way of asking a girl to prom:
  • The Prom-egranate A very simple way to ask someone to prom. All you’ll need is a pomegranate and a sharpie. Simply write “Prom?” on said pomegranate. Suddenly, it becomes a Prom-egranate. Lightly toss it at the person of interest. You’ll, most likely, get the response you want. By- tree_boy
  • DO your hair and make up in a non-buttoned/zippered shirt. You don’t want to spend all, that time and/or money into something you’re going to pull a shirt over.
  • DO Try to do everything yourself. At the very least, let someone look you over to make sure your hairs okay, makeups decent, nothing in your teeth, dress/suit is in order, etc. – thyyoungclub
  • DO Be stylish and safe by wearing comfortable shoes and attire to prevent injury.
  • Please, for the love of my cat DO use a condom people, it’ll save you the stressful 9 months and well the rest of your life the trouble.
  • DON’T Eat saucy foods for dinner (spaghetti, sandwiches, etc.) thyyoungclub
  • Drinking isn’t ideal, but if you do it please DON’T drive. Elect a sober friend to drive you home or call a taxi or someone else to pick you up. Drinking and driving isn’t worth killing your best-friend or someones family and the jail sentence.
  • DON’T worry about getting a date too much. If you can’t find one, go with friends! It’ll still be a fun experience. – Favre99


For Him

  • Yo, i really love me a homemade gift. One of my girlfriends made me small little pillow stuff animal thing once, i loved it at the time. Another one of my girlfriends made me a little picture cube thing with cute little notes we passed to each other that she kept. By:Doorlord
  • Can’t go wrong with blow-jobs. By: Spandexgod
  • A handwritten letter, to be honest. Kinda depends on the person, but i love reading what someone has to say. By: Capexist
  • A well built music disc is nice. Also, maybe something small that he can take with him, sort of like a lucky charm. He will glance at it from time to time and smile :). By: GoatInABoat
  • Cookies are always golden. Home made stuff is fantastic. My best friend’s girlfriend knit him a scarf, and I was ridiculously jealous. And little things that remind you of him are always appreciated. My ex girlfriend got me a bag of swedish fish for my birthday, because when we first started dating, every time we hung out I’d buy swedish fish. Another time she got me a shirt that had a star trek symbol on the breast, because it reminded her of me, because I liked that stuff. Just things you see that remind you of him could easily be well appreciated. By: Italoangiolini

For Her

  • I would probably make a CD of all the song that you guys have memories with. You know, A song from the soundtrack of the movie you saw on your first date, One song that reminds you of her, The song that was on the radio when you first kissed her in your car. This would mean more to me than any $100-300 dollar pair of earrings. This you cannot ask your mom to consult upon, this you cannot just run into a jewelry store an hour before and pick up. This shows that you took the time and you care. She can play it in her dorm room, in her car, and on her iPod rather than just having it sit on a dresser. But, hey if you threw in some earrings too I’m sure she wouldn’t protest. By: Ss0946
  • Flowers or jewelry. Chose one. Girls are always fond of these things. For jewelry, you can give her something special. Have a look here Hope this helps dear:). By: AliceYuan
  • For this one you may just have to figure out her hobbies/interests. Does she like photography? Get her a camera. Does she like scrapbooking? Get her a pile of awesome stickers and patterned paper. Likes to cook? Cook book. Sew? A book of patterns/idea. -books of things she is interested in, -how to draw, write, astronomy, the environment. Generally something practical is a good idea if you want her to take it with her. Blanket? Pillow? Teddy bear (everyone needs something to hug)? A Hard drive? Mirror (engraved)? Engraved metal jewelery box? Framed picture of you two? New headphones? Making something can be really sweet and appreciated. What are you good at? Music/sing/play-write her something. Art-draw/paint something. Have patients? check out DIY sites. Writing – poetry/story? know something about her that you can help with She sleeps in all the time? get her an alarm clock. She sleeps through her current alarm? Get her a really annoying alarm clock. Always late? Get her a watch. Forgets stuff all the time? A planner/book. Although I think if you gave it to her with a genuine heart, she’d love it no matter what. By: Rae_Starr

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