Things to carry in your backpack


  • Gum: Gum in high school is what cigarettes are to prison. Didn’t do your homework? “Hey Jimmy, I’ll give you a piece of gum for the Calculus homework.” Also, it’s just good to have some in case you think your breath smells bad.
  • Aspirin/headache medicine: This one kind of relates to gum. It’s useful for friends who have headaches, or yourself. I personally get horrible migraines once in awhile, so I always carry headache medicine since my school doesn’t allow nurses to give you any. Keep it on the down low, guys
  • A Bottle of water: There was this one time freshman year in english class when the entire room was silent because we were working on something. My throat was extremely dry and I started coughing like crazy. Seriously, it lasted for like, 10 minutes. Everyone kept staring at me and it was pretty embarrassing. Ever since that day, I always take water to school.
  • A small amount of money: Like about $5 or something, because, hey, you never know. Maybe you forgot your lunch and now you have to buy something. Or you can’t get a ride home so you have to take the bus. I always hate having to ask for things from people, so this is how I deal with it.
  • Deodorant: Confidence boost after gym
  • Phone charger: Use it yourself or lend it to friends. (If your teacher will let you charge it)
  • Earbuds: Self explanatory.
  • Chapstick: Especially in winter months.
  • Pads/Tampons: For the ladies. Seriously, just take it to school or maybe even leave it in your locker or something. I cannot tell you how many times people ask me for this, and it’s a real conversation stopper. Your nurse may have some, but most charge.
  • Hand sanitizer: Remove sharpie or clean some shtuff of your hands.
  • Socks: After it rains or even after gym.
  • Underwear: Apparently, shitting your pants is common enough to be prepared for some people.
  • Mirror: I forgot this one, but I keep this in my backpack too. It’s just comforting to know it’s there when I need this.
  • Also, sammibabby hit the nail on the head here


By: derpy_lurker (Original thread here)

School clothing

By: suigenius:

First off, welcome to the magical place called high school where some people think looks are everything, and others really don’t care. These past two years I’ve spent roaming the magical halls I’ve noticed how obvious trends are; for example, the most recent trend was over sized monogrammed sweaters with leggings/yoga pants. If you like the style your peers are sporting, go for it…if not, don’t be pressured to fit in with the people that do as I guarantee you, there’s at least five other people that are doing their own thing.


Before you even hit the stores, I recommend discovering your body shape and what colors work well with your complexion. For example; I’m 5’5 with an hourglass shape, pale freckled skin, green eyes, and my natural hair color is the darkest blonde you can imagine. Usually I stick with greens, navy, purple, and squash as these colors bring out the green in my eyes, make my hair(I dye it) look blonder, and compliment my skin tone. Different stores stock different things of different qualities. While I might go to Target for a basic v-neck, I’ll go to a discount store(like TJ Maxx) for things where quality matters more such as jeans. Explore beyond the junior section as I’ve noticed the general adult section often has better quality for things like skirts and dresser tops.


Although you might try to dress to impress every day, high school can take a tool on your mind/body. There’s going to be days where you feel like crap. There’s going to be days where you’re more stressed than you thought possible. There’s going to be days where you don’t really care what you look like from feeling so crappy. Not every day is going to be one where you dress to impress. My go to outfits on these days are usually v-neck/jeans or exercise leggings/loose t-shirt. Depending on the location of the classroom, the heating/cooling might be dramatically different so layers are great! Cardigan/tank,tee, or simple dress keeps you comfortable and even makes spaghetti straps dress code approved. By the end of my first week of freshman year, I turned to my Mom and told her “If I’m going to be running around this much to class, I’m going to need another pair of Converses.” If your classes are spread apart, COMFORTABLE SHOES ONLY! Flats, flip-flops, and Keds/Converses are perfect! Your feet will thank me later 😉

Stores I usually shop at/what I get at each store:


  • TJ Maxx: I go “gung ho” in this place. Most stores usually carry different things so if you’re not satisfied at one, go to another. Anything but accessories.

  • Nordstroms Off The Rack: slightly more higher end than TJ Maxx usually with similar prices for similar things. Jeans, cardigans, and the occasional top.

  • Forever 21: cheap, sometimes poorly made clothes that you must try everything on. Tops, the occasional sweater or dress, jewelry!

  • Target: cheap and for the most part decent but basic. V-necks and tank tops.

Tips n’ tricks


  • Always finish homework the day you get it or get as much of it done the day of.
  • Drink lots of water at school, keeps your brain functioning and helps you remove toxins from your body so you won’t get sick! -by coolpixer
  • Clean your room between terms so you’re not struggling to find stuff while already stressed out about school.
  • Have two sets of pens/pencils/etc; one to keep in your backpack and the other to keep where you do your homework(preferably desk).
  • Lay your clothes out the night before so you don’t freak out for 20 minutes over what to wear instead of sleeping for an extra 20 minutes.
  • Keep motivation near your study area so you stay focused. Like I have this on the back of my bedroom door and this hanging on my desk. Keeping a To-Do list is also beneficial as you feel accomplished for crossing something off.
  • Download a program that temporarily blocks select websites. I love using Cold Turkey
  • Purchase a USB and have it with you at all times. You never know when you have a spare moment at a computer to be productive and work on a project or essay.
  • LUNCH TAKERS: Make your lunch the night before and know how food reacts away from refrigeration/heat. Something I discovered in middle school was if I sliced apples, tossed some cinnamon on them, double bagged, then froze them the night before and allowed them to thaw in my backpack during the day; I had the equivalent of baked apples to eat during lunch.
  • Always carry a pack of gum(or mints) and a few spare dollars with you.
  • PEOPLE TAKING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE: use Word Reference instead of a translator…it’s a lot more accurate.
  • PEOPLE TAKING APs: free course notes
  • THOSE IN THE ARTS: ear training/music theory online practice/help
  • General Help
  • Get on your teacher’s good side early so when you’re .1 away from the next letter grade, they round up. I’ve also noticed that the teachers that I’m friendly with have more enjoyable classes as I respect them enough to thoroughly listen/take them seriously.
  • Have some sort of stress relief from school whether it’s exercise, writing, etc; it’s better to burn off some of the stress rather for it to take a physical toll on your body. [stress induced] Stomach ulcers suck and 1/10 people will get them at one point in their lives…you want to avoid being the 10%! They feel like someone is stabbing you in the stomach, acid is leaking on your internal organs, and when you finally eat after an empty stomach, you can feel food hit your stomach—I was the verge of tears in pain that lasted ~20 hours the other day.
  • Befriend your peers and exchange contact information ASAP. Before my first ES lab started, I gave my three lab partners my name, cellphone number, and email. Sure enough, we didn’t finish the conclusion stuff so had to do it for homework. The lab partner that texted me to finish the lab and I both got 100s while the other two got high 80s/low 90s.
  • LADIES: always keep some sort of sanitary product in your backpack…you never know when you or a friend will need it.
  • Wear comfortable shoes to school.
  • Don’t wait until the night before to study; the day you get the material is the night you should make sure you understand the concepts!
  • To memorize say a vocab word, write it down 10 times then test yourself. Keep repeating until you get it right. For example; when I was trying to memorize the conjugation difference between “Avoir” and “Etre”, I’d quiz myself on one until I got it right, quiz myself on the other until I got it right, then quiz myself collectively until I got them all right.

-by  Suigenius


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